ALDELO POS - Discontinued - End of Life

NOTICE: Aldelo POS will no longer be available by Vitabyte Starting September 6th, 2018. – Only Support will be available.

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Aldelo POS Alternatives

You can use the same hardware or with a lot fewer resources- that means faster POS, Fewer issues. But more integrations, better performance, and better control.

RPOWER POS | Softtouch POS 

Guaranteed Seamless Implementation with minimum investment

ADVICE TO BE SERIOUSLY CONSIDERED: Stay away from any FREE POS System Offering:

FREE Stands for Fees – Rarely –Ethically – Exposed.

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Are you looking for the best POS ( Point of Sale ) System?

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After evaluating many POS Software Vendors, we have determined that the software that can give you the absolute freedom, with no restrictions will be the best for any business.

That means that you are not tight-in into any long-term contracts and you have the freedom to choose any Credit Card processing Vendor you want.

Since The Credit Card Processing Market is so saturated you need to be able to negotiate the more appropriate Credit Card Processing rate with the right technology Like EMV which you will eliminate any chargeback issues.

Very important is also the ability to Integrate with any other software Vendor you are currently using to manage your Restaurant or your Franchise.

This is important because of you can eliminate a lot of labor time and human mistakes by letting the Technology to make no mistakes and process the information at an extremely fast pace.

You have to have the ability to know what is your bottom line at any given moment.

Business continuity is one of the main concerns. Having a stable system with no crashes or problems during your business rush it is critical also. A POS System is a Business Mission Critical Application which means that any downtime effects directly business productivity, therefore, revenue loss.


We do not Recommend any Cloud POS system because of repeatedly connectivity issues, POS Systems like Toast, Revel, Aldelo,  Breadcrumbs.

We do believe as much as exciting the cloud technology is and how neat and nice the tablets look is not a Mission Critical Application solid infrastructure. It can be a great fit for very small business running for $7000 – $15000 transactions a month.  But for any bigger amount you should be looking to a real POS system that can support your employees and the business management. Also be aware and stay away from any FREE POS System Offering :

FREE Stands for Fees – Rarely –Ethically – Exposed.

What a serious restaurant or a franchise needs is a Traditional POS system that can take the beat and combines stability, data control and it is up to date with the technology. This means you can still pay at the table, use handhelds, and do everything you need to do including integrations with Payroll companies, Account system, Gift Cards system and Loyalty, Integrations with Seamless web and Grub Hub and more.

Aldelo POS Alternatives: RPOWER POS or  Softtouch POS.

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