Vitabyte provides technology solutions and services to a variety of small-medium sized businesses as well as individual professionals. We utilize new and existing technologies to build integrated comprehensive solutions that streamline core business processes, enabling operational efficiency and subsequent profit increase. We observe our customer’s workflow and business needs and create a unique and complete solution for each that consists of a green IT infrastructure, disaster recovery plan, customized applications and marketing tools.

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Vitabyte’s customers range from banks and professional offices (such as real estate, accounting, medical, unions, foreign embassies) to franchise restaurants, retail stores, and factories.

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Customer Segments

Retail Stores
Professional Offices
Financial Institutions
Real Estate
Medical Offices
Accounting Offices
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Established in 2004, Vitabyte Inc. adds value to our client companies by leveraging technology to meet business challenges. During the past years, our attention has been primarily on the hospitality industry, to which we provide Point of Sale and customer loyalty solutions helping restaurants to increase productivity and customer satisfaction and loyalty while improving control of their financial and resource tracking. This has enabled several of our customers to establish multiple locations using the same IT infrastructure.

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What makes Vitabyte unique is our attention to the distinct needs of each of our customers and our ability to apply existing technology to different market needs successfully. In order to meet our customers’ mission-critical requirements and budget, we have adapted existing high cost technology currently utilized by large corporations (such as systems virtualization and disaster recovery solutions) into a cost-effective and smaller footprint. By bringing these technologies to establishments where they did not previously exist, we were able to increase security and control, eliminate failures and reduce downtime.

Vitabyte provides dependable 24/7 technical onsite and remote support bringing peace of mind to our customers. Many of our customers claim that our level of support is unmatched. We also offer onsite training and educational videos to increase our customers’ know-how and troubleshooting skills.

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Our ultimate goal is enabling sustainable business growth and value creation for our clients. Success for us means significantly affecting business for our customers and driving their growth. We have been in business for eight years and our clientele size is doubling each year. More importantly, our customers highly acknowledge and refer our work and support services. The Vitabyte team has also tripled in size and we have relocated to a larger office space with expanded capabilities. Our years of experience allow us to confront complex issues and

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