Data Backup & Data Protection plans.

The information you create – and how you manage, control, and back up that information – is mission-critical to your business. And yet roughly 70% of businesses are still using a tape backup system or something comparable to protect their business.

Vitabyte offers two data protection plans to fit the budget and needs of any business large or small:

Online Cloud Backup: For small businesses with no server or segmented datasets, Everon offers an online “cloud-based” backup system. This provides a lower-cost solution with no hardware required, easy setup, and easy expansion, all while still offering a high level or reliability and security. All Vitabyte’s products are backed 24/7 by our award-winning support team.

Data Protection Plan: Vitabyte has created the only data protection plan that exclusively meets the needs of small businesses. Vitabyte’s  Data Protection plan is a complete backup solution that includes local backup of servers and desktops, quick recovery business continuity capability and offsite replication in two secure data centers for disaster recovery; all monitored and supported 24/7 by our team of experienced engineers.

The average failure rate of disk and tape backup systems over time is 100%! If you’re backing up your data on site with a tape drive, you’re flirting with disaster – the odds are not in your favor!

Backing Up With Tape is Not Enough.

Our proven service eliminates the risk and hassles of data loss finally and forever!

  • Peace of Mind – Your data is backed up locally and offsite to ensure continuous availability
  • Increased Productivity – By keeping the threats away from your network you are assured that your systems will be available when you need them
  • Fixed Costs – Our solutions are all provided on a fixed cost and billed monthly. No more surprise renewals or adjustments.
  • Confidence Your Data is Secure – With virus, spyware and SPAM protection at all levels of your network you can be confident that no security breach will occur.