Partner Program

Thanks for your interest in our partner programs. Vitabyte is a premier provider of onsite and remote IT support and cloud hosting services to small and medium businesses in North America. We offer a wide suite of products and services through our channel partners.

With our Referral and BlueSpot partner programs, you can earn unlimited, recurring revenue for each customer you bring on

What you provide / What you get Affiliate Partner Referral Partner
You provide: Marketing Yes Yes
You provide: Sales Yes Yes
You provide: Bill your customers No No
You provide: Provide account management for your clients No Yes
You get : Bi-weekly earnings payout Yes No
You get : Monthly earnings payout No Yes
You get : Banners and graphics Yes No
You get : Get paid for valid contact forms submitted Yes No
You get : Get paid for new customer signups Yes Yes
You get : Training Yes Yes
You get : Sales support Yes Yes
You get : Marketing support No Yes
You get : Sales leads No Yes
You get : Unlimited, recurring revenue No Yes

Why join Vitabyte?

Top-quality companies join Vitabyte Partners programs to increase business sales, expand their product offering, or to be partners with a company that participates broadly in both the consumer and enterprise market.

Partner Program Benefits:

  • Unique Product and Service offerings allowing you to capitalize on new revenue streams
  • Dedicated Personal support from industry leaders who understand your business
  • A fair and equitable agent agreement designed with a win-win relationship in mind
  • Continuing training and business development support including technology certification programs
  • Generous Compensation with up-front spiffs and residual components
  • Premier Partner Co-marketing including:
    • Event Partnerships
    • Email Campaigns to current clients
    • New Lead Generation
  • Streamlined Order Flow Process
  • Unparalleled Customer Care Team supporting you and your clients