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Aldelo POSaaS ( POS as a Service )

ADVICE TO BE SERIOUSLY CONSIDERED: Stay away from any FREE POS System Offering:

FREE Stands for Fees – Rarely –Ethically – Exposed.


Are you planning to open a new restaurant but running short on funds? Are you a current Aldelo user that needs to upgrade your system to run the latest versions of Aldelo software but don’t have the excess cash flow to purchase new gear? If you answered yes to either of these questions, Aldelo POS As A Service (POSaaS) may be for you!Aldelo POS System

POSaaS is a new program that allows restaurant operators to “rent” the POS system by the month.  The system is covered by support and warranty during the entire period ensuring that your POS is always operating at its best.

Contact us today to learn more about how this new acquisition option can help your restaurant reach it’s profit potential!

Here are some of the great features you get with POSaaS!

  • 24/7/356  Remote Support and Hardware Warranty (Next Business Day  Hardware Replacement.)
  • Network Security Services firewall Included 
  • High Quality, Purpose-Built  Hardware
  • No Start Up Cost
  • A fully customized POS system built just for your needs. (Not an out of the box solution.)
  • The best POS system in the world at a great price!

On average, restaurants make three-to-five cents of profit for every dollar earned, which means expenses need to be managed wisely while growing sales. For many small and mid-sized operators, this isn’t easy without predictable, affordable technology systems in place.

We’ve got the answer.

Aldelo or XERA POS as a Service (POSaaS) is a low-risk, flexible subscription POS program that gives you access to the features and benefits of ALDELO for an all-inclusive monthly payment.

Subscribe to your restaurant POS technology in the same way as your ice machines or knives.

The Facts:

  • Never be surprised by an unexpected cost. Know exactly what you will pay each month.
  • It’s all included. Hardware, software, data security, maintenance services and first level support.
  • Stay current with technology. Annual software upgrades and next-generation hardware terminals and server every five years.
  • It’s flexible. Add or remove products whenever you want.

Customers that have leveraged the Aldelo POS as a Service program love how it frees up capital and operating expense to invest in other areas of the business.