POS dial Backup system
Restaurant POS Dial Backup System for Any POS Backup Compatible with any Credit Card Processing Company.





Dial Backup Solution for Credit Card Processing

( IT Works with any Microsoft Based Application / POS System and Restaurant POS Systems )

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Dial Backup  for Credit Card Processing.

Just because Internet connections fail, that doesn’t mean businesses have to. Guarantee your merchants’ ongoing business operations with our reliable dial back-up solutions.

Through our Vitaware integrated dial-back up solution or one of our stand-alone hardware devices, merchants are guaranteed reliable connectivity so their payment processing service is never disrupted.

Vitabyte’s Integrated Dial Back-Up Solution Benefits:

  • No additional hardware is required using Vitabyte’s integrated solution
  • Simple integration through any POS system with a dial-up modem
  • Multi dialup number redundancy capability
  • Automated switching to dial-up communications during Internet outages, then back to IP when service is restored
  • Seamless user experience with no disruptions to business operations

Vitabyte’s Hardware Device Benefits:

  • Compact units are compatible with any POS system
  • Does not require any modification to the POS system
  • Automated connectivity that switches from IP to dial-up when Internet service is interrupted, then back to IP when communication is repaired