Call my Waiter for Restaurants. An Amazing Solution!

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Benefits of  the Call a Waiter System

  • Faster Rotation
             Reduce response times and increase the turnover of your tables on your busiest days.
  • Track Control
              Control response times and track the performance of your wait staff.
  • Increase Sales
             Reduce response times and increase the sales of drinks and desserts.
  • Immediate Response
             Give your clients greater satisfaction by providing fast, efficient service.

Call My Waiter from MMCall on Vimeo.

How it Works?

No More Waiting on Signal

Do not miss the opportunity to sell more items. Give the customers to power to call a waiter with the push of a button

Respond Immediately

The Server will be notifies on their watch pager which table is requesting service

Know when a Dish is Ready

Have your servers at the floor instead of running back and forth to the kitchen leaving your customers unattended

Free your Tables Faster

Have customers avoid long upsetting waits. Customers waiting for the bill are not buying anymore.

Be in Control at all time

Let the managers know when a customer request i snot fulfilled in a timely manner. Take an action right away to avoid potentially bad experience.

Reports & App

Measure the Response times at your Restaurant. Monitor in real-time the performance of your wait staff