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Aldelo POS

NY, NY New York City (718) 576-1224

POS NYC:  Point of Sale Systems for Restaurants.

Serviced: New York City Metro Area Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Long Island, New Jersey.

POS made Easy!

Aldelo POS highlights: POS Systems

  • Exceptional 2nd & 3rd level. Technical Support 24/7.
  • Best value on your investment.
  • 98% Uptime Guarantee.
  • Professional menu integration.
  • Easy of Use- the Self-explanatory Interface has decreased the learning curve for the staff.
  • iTouch and iPad Integration with Wave Soft POS.
  • Backup Dialup for Credit Card Processing in case you lose your Internet Connection.
  • 3 years Factory Warranty for all equipment.
  • Easy Integration with 99% of Credit Card processing companies in the US market.

Restaurant List compatible with Aldelo POS:

Aldelo POS Restaurants Simplified POS Tel: 877.879.0111 for Tech Support and Sales. Call: 877.879.0111
( Download User Manual | Training Manuals | Software 30-Day Trial | Aldelo Tech Support | [book id=’7’/])Aldelo Main ScreenAldelo Table ManagementAldelo Back Office

Aldelo POS for Restaurants Basic Screen Shots:

Why Aldelo POS is good for any Restaurant:

The high volume of transactions that pass through a restaurant each day, makes the POS system a necessity.
Not only does the POS system track every penny of your sales, but POS programs also act as a credit card processor.
This makes swiping credit cards more secure for both the customer and the business.
Servers are accountable for all their sales, and it is impossible to alter checks in the computer unless you have the password. As a result to cut down on employee theft.
Aldelo Restaurant POS Simplified POS Tel: 877.879.0111.


One benefit of Aldelo POS system is that it simplifies communications between the kitchen and the wait staff.
Orders go through the computer, directly to the kitchen printer.
Another benefit of a restaurant POS program is that it can track everything from food usage to the most popular menu items. Because Aldelo POS system acts as a time clock, it can also help prepare payroll.
Aldelo Restaurant POS Simplified POS Tel: 877.879.0111