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After evaluating many POS Software Vendors, we have determined that the software that can give you the absolute freedom, with no restrictions will be the best for any business.

That means that you are not tight-in, into any long-term contracts and you have the freedom to choose any Credit Card processing Vendor you want; Since The Credit Card Processing Market is so saturated you need to be able to negotiate the more appropriate Credit Card Processing rate with the right technology Like EMV which you will eliminate any chargeback issues.

Very important is also the ability to Integrate with any other software Vendor you are currently using to manage your Restaurant or your Franchise. This is important because of you can eliminate a lot of labor time and human mistakes by letting the Technology to make no mistakes and process the information at an extremely fast pace.

You have to have the ability to know what is your bottom line at any given moment.

Of course, Business continuity is one of the main concerns. Having a stable system with no crashes or problems during your business rush it is critical also. A POS System is a Business Mission Critical Application which means that any downtime effects directly business productivity, therefore, revenue loss.

We do not Recommend any Cloud POS system because of repeatedly connectivity issues, POS Systems like Toast, Revel, Aldelo,  Breadcrumbs. We do believe as much as exciting the cloud technology is and how neat and nice the tablets look is not a Mission Critical Application solid infrastructure. It can be a great fit for very small business running for $7000 – $15000 transactions a month.  But for any bigger amount you should be looking to a real POS system that can support your employees and the business management. Also be aware and stay away from any FREE POS System Offering :

FREE Stands for Fees – Rarely –Ethically – Exposed.

What a serious restaurant or a franchise needs is a Traditional POS system that can take the beat and combines stability, data control and it is up to date with the technology. This means you can still pay at the table, use handhelds, and do everything you need to do including integrations with Payroll companies, Account system, Gift Cards system and Loyalty, Integrations with Seamless web and Grub Hub and more.

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RPOWER POS - is the Right Choice

RPOWER  is the best Point of Sale system that combines everything mentioned before. Rpower POS is a premium POS system that can give you the Control you need to have.

Here is some information that you will like to see.

  1. Stability – RPOWER Corporation is being in the market since 1994, the software has been reworked many many times to come into a stable mature software that runs.
  2. Integrations – you can integrate with almost every other software vendor and service provider like Seamless web, GrubHub, ADP Payroll, Paychex, Quickbooks online or Quickbooks on Premise, also with your own website can take orders directly to the POS system you can find more about the integrations by visiting here.
  3. RPOWER  is a lightning fast Point of Sale software, the reason is that the way is being built uses very low hardware resources that not only give the ability to run fast on any Hardware Device but also to reduce drastically the upfront cost, a lot lower even from an iPad Pos System.
  4. No crashes not issues- Rpower will not give any such issues like Aldelo POS or Toast POS or Revel POS, the reason is that a. does not run on a cloud platform, therefore, there are no dependencies on connectivity, b. RPOWER POS recreated anew database every night after your close your day, that means every day you start fresh so no loss of performance ever.
  5. Disaster recovery – What happens if the main computer goes down, RPOWER Point of Sale will automatically fail over to the next station. Not only that it can fail over to a different printer or kitchen display or even if you do not have internet you can still accept credit cards.
  6. Remote Reporting – Even though the POS system is not a cloud POS system you can still use your Smart Phone to check your sales reports live from every single location or all your franchise together.

The list can go on and on, the point is Technology is there to be used and reused. The principle of a  successful technology is a simple word ” Reliability ” you know if you give an input to the system will give you the right output without failing. This is what RPOWER POS can do for you.

We do strongly recommend to evaluate RPOWER POS.

RPOWER also includes built-in features to increase staff awareness and simplify in-house communication with employee messaging, count down/86 notification, and menu item/specials description capabilities. Smart ordering software with forced and unforced modifier selections complete the order process while minimizing touches. Integrated high-speed credit card processing with definable capabilities for off-line processing and security overrides for multiple single-card transactions, tip percentages, and validation printing provides flexible controls for payment processing and advanced credit card security.

RPOWER POS Table Service software provides the unmatched stability and dependability our customers demand while providing the software tools to simplify order entry operations while keeping the management team in control.

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RPOWER POS Quick Service and Counter Operations functionality increases operator efficiency and accuracy, cutting customer time at the register. RPOWER POS has several built-in features to improve point-of-sale performance and maximize return on investment. RPOWER POS can accommodate a secondary, customer facing LCD display at each register for looping promotional video without the need for costly third-party software. The RPOWER POS Polebug, a virtual pole display presented on the customer facing LCD, eliminates the additional cost of a traditional customer display. RPOWER Flash Pay allows small dollar amount credit card transactions to process without the need for receipt printing or signature capture. Couple these features with RPOWER POS Customer Rewards Programs as well as its system reliability and see what a powerful point-of-sale system can do for your establishment.

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The speed and simplicity of RPOWER POS Bar & NightClub configuration provide for a lightning fast order to completion time without sacrificing detailed item tracking. Cash transactions can be completed in two touches taking less than a second to complete an order. A credit card pre-authorization of funds can be started with each new tab securing payment and protecting your liability from customer walk-outs. High-speed credit card processing allows credit card authorizations to be completed in under 3 seconds, keeping your bartender in the flow of business. The speed and simplicity of RPOWER POS Bar and Nightclub system paralleled with its core reliability is unmatched in the industry and continues to place RPOWER POS in some of the most demanding environments in the country.

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The RPOWER POS Dashboard brings a higher level of management for ownership. It creates the ability to keep a close eye of site operations while away from the establishment. The RPOWER Dashboard is a real-time secure web-page viewable from any web-enabled device. Data points include real-time site and server sales, discounts, voids, check and guest averages, and much more.
The RPOWER Dashboard is included for all current version RPOWER POS systems. Contact your local RPOWER Dealership to enable your secure Dashboard.

RPOWER POS Web-Based Reporting

RPOWER POS SQL Reporting Engine makes it possible for both single and multi-location groups to collect and securely warehouse real-time store-level sales, labor, customer, and inventory data at an affordable price point. This data is used to host RPOWER POS Web Reports package to provide a unique and secure login for sites and their management team to access.

Over 60 various reports covering real-time sales, sales history, employee labor, customer activity, and single & multi-site product sales detail are available with reporting groups targeted to single-site, multi-unit stores, as well as catering and customer heavy markets.

Reports are delivered real-time via your web browser and available for download in PDF, RTF, and XLS formats. The RPOWER POS Web Reports package is capable of automatically emailing selected reports on daily, weekly, or monthly schedule for each unique user.

RPOWER POS Software was designed for professional table-service restaurants. From splitting checks and menu coursing to hold/fire ordering and tip tracking, RPOWER runs virtually every aspect of your restaurant. Designed to be incredibly flexible, RPOWER allows restaurant owners to customize their POS system to meet their specific workflow in the restaurant. This flexibility allows RPOWER to not only serve its ‘bread and butter’ table-service restaurants but to also provide a great solution for quick-serve environments and even bars and clubs. Trusted by over 6,000 restaurants, RPOWER has continued to evolve and to add features and functionality to meet the ever-changing restaurant industry. Complete the cloud reporting and online order integrations, RPOWER is a time-tested solution designed to future-proof your restaurant from changes in technology and consumer preferences..

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RPOWER POS Integrates with All Major Credit Card Processors. Additional Integrations are not limited to:

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