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Softtouch POS

Point of Sale Solutions

SoftTouch POS is a next-generation provider of point-of-sale technology and services to thousands of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and foodservice establishments throughout the United States and territories. Our design approach is simple: Do it right! Discover a wealth of feature-rich components in SoftTouch pos that have been expertly crafted to empower your business. Our hybrid technology combines on-premise stability with powerful cloud-based services for limitless functionality. We are the industry’s choice for secure, scalable, and comprehensive point of sale services.

Market Verticles

Fine Dining, NightClub, Bar, NightClub, Quick Service, Counter-Operations Configurations.

Fine Dining and Table Service

A combination of elegance and power elevates SoftTouch POS as an optimal solution for fine dining establishments. SoftTouch understands the sophistication of an upscale experience, which is why we developed powerful features specifically targeting customer experience and operational efficiency.

  • Floor Plans

    Multiple, high resolution, custom floor plans provide coverage for your entire restaurant at the touch of a button. You may also choose to lock down a floor plan or section with our Quadrant Lockdown feature.

  • Automatic alerts and notifications

    SoftTouch INFORM technology monitors the stages of a guest's dining lifecycle. It provides real-time alerts and reporting metrics and it also features an upsell system designed to help wait staff recommend appetizers, drinks and more.

  • Automatic coursing

    The automatic coursing feature seamlessly integrates delayed order entry based on your specifications. This reduces entry errors by eliminating the need for servers to manually time the entry of each course.

Quick Service and Counter Operations

SoftTouch POS knows Quick Service! Our lightning-fast order entry will move customer lines quickly. And when you need that extra horsepower for those rush-hours, SoftTouch provides a wealth of on-demand line-busting solutions.

  • Counter service

    Special features for counter service allows you to run your quick service business with greater flexibility and control.

  • Loyalty and gift card

    Keep track of loyalty points and create on-demand gift cards that can be used at one or multiple stores.

Softtouch POS
Vitabyte SoftTouch Restaurant POS Payment Screen

Bar & NightClub

SoftTouch POS is the premier POS solution for nightclub and bar establishments. A nighttime ambient display theme showcases the SoftTouch elegance, while purpose-built features enable lightning-fast bar transactions and quality customer experience.

  • Touchless SignOn

    The world's fastest POS authentication, Touchless SignOn, is a must-have for any high-volume establishment. Stop wasting valuable time with clumsy swipe cards and manual PIN codes for POS authentication. Our high-performance wristband technology authenticates instantly and effortlessly.

  • Tax inclusion

    Set drink prices with embedded tax to eliminate counting change. This powerful feature enables you to price drinks rounded with tax calculations already included.

Enterprise & Multi-Store


Softtouch POS Mobile Dashboard empowers restaurant operators to monitor their vital operations data in real-time from virtually anywhere on any device. POS data analytics are essential to restaurant operational efficiency and security. With Mobile Dashboard your POS system information is reported directly from your store to your device, in real-time without delay.

SoftTouch POS Mobile Dashboard is a valuable tool for restaurant operators that use real-time data metrics and key performance indicators to manage their operations.  Customizable layouts and configurable dashlets create an at-a-glance perspective of the business.

Since Mobile Dashboard is accessible from SmartPhones, tablets, and computers, it allows absentee owners and managers to monitor critical information from virtually anywhere in the world.

Softtouch POS Mobile Reports is real-time POS data reporting from virtually any Internet-connected device with a web browser. Mobile Reports also allows you to link multiple stores to a single account, so you can conveniently switch between locations at the click of a button.

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