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MicroSale is a powerful, hybrid-style point of sale system for restaurants. With the dependability of the Windows platform and the convenience of the cloud, MicroSale is a proven solution for fast-paced environments.

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Get MicroSale on fast, reliable hardware with the option for a 3 year overnight replacement warranty. You can mix and match devices and pick the options that best fits your needs.

We also work with a variety of hardware. If you have an existing Windows based point of sale system, MicroSale may work with your computers, printers and cash drawers. Please contact us to find out if your equipment is compatible.

Built-in time clock & employee management

The easy, secure built-in time clock allows you to track breaks, manage tips and export data to your preferred payroll provider. Give your employees visibility into their punches with an easy-to-understand agreement to eliminate pay discrepancies.

    • Eliminate buddy-punching with swipe cards or fingerprint readers
    • Flag exceptions for overtime (includes automatic day overtime calculations)
    • Prevent over-payment for employees who forget to clock out with time clock lockouts (prompts for manager override to correct time)
    • Export preformatted files to send to your preferred payroll provider (directly integrated to multiple payroll providers)

View live data on the go with Reporting Anywhere

Instantly view your restaurant’s sales, voids and discounts, who’s on the clock and more. With real-time numbers constantly streaming to your phone, you can quickly and easily fix problems before they snowball into catastrophes.

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