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Sales Engineer

LIC, New York

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IT Technician/Engineer

Astoria, New York

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Friendly management who are always there to help. Good working environment, good bonus scheme and great prospects career wise.
Jalen R.
Contact Centre Agent

Our Values


Customer Obsession

Vitabyte understand that to maintain our market leading position, we need to obsess over our customers. We need to deliver outstanding repair quality quickly, and be constantly evolving and improving our service to be faster and more convenient for our customers.

Plan for the Long Term

Vitabyte is a family-owned business. We are interested in positioning our business to be successful and build our reputation for excellence over the long-term. We invest for the long-term, and we are always looking to improve our service.

Business is Speeding up

Everything in our industry is moving faster. Technology is changing faster. Customer preferences and expectations are changing monthly. Greenbridge need to ensure our repair capability, our customer service and our technology layers keep in front of these changes and trends.

We like being relied upon

We understand Technology products are no longer luxury discretionary items. They are essential day-to-day products our customers need to do their work, shopping, learning and for their entertainment. As a business we understand our customers are heavily reliant upon our service, and we strive to get it right quickly and at the first time of asking.

We embrace new technology quickly

Whilst the fact technology is changing so quickly is scary and daunting for lots of businesses, Vitabyte are always looking to innovate through technology. We implement good technology quickly to give our customers more options, more convenience and more transparency.

We learn from our mistakes

Our industry leading service and reputation has been built upon a whole load of mistakes. If we get something wrong - we try to admit it quickly, learn from it, and make sure it doesn't happen again. Success is a journey, not a destination.